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Welcome to Dukha

Welcome to Dukha’s new Home! Dukha Industrial, often shortened to Dukha, is the Outer Rim’s leading independent shipyard. Dukha Industrial was originally incorporated in early Year 14 to secure territorial control over several newly discovered systems in the Outer Rim. Since then, Dukha has expanded its territory to four sectors – Kanz, Relgim, Atrivis, and Myto – and also has significant investments and influence in the Braxant and Shadola Sectors. Together, this territory is known as the Dukha Triangle. Made up of Dukha Industrial, MandaPharma and Minerax Consulting. Today, Dukha’s culture continues to reflect that of its founders. Quiet and reserved at first glance; yet, beneath the durasteel-like exterior lies a determined and efficient machine lubricated with humour and camaraderie. Rather than confine it to our ranks, Dukha willingly shares this goodwill with our numerous customers and friends spread across the galaxy. Dukha’s doors are always open to sentients who feel they would enjoy being part of our team or one of our customers. To us, customers are often considered friends because we usually see them on a regular basis after our first deal. Regardless of whether you are a present or future friend or customer, or a total stranger, feel free to stop by and chat with us.